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A beer connoisseur who is passionate for all things beer. Abhinav has spent majority of his time working with American home-brew clubs to gain extensive knowledge on beer brewing, style history and sensory skills. He also holds Cicerone's - Certified Beer Server tag and plans to take next levels in the near future.

Seven Rivers Fermentis Barleywine

Barleywines are strong malty ales that have originated from England centuries ago. It is characterised by its full body and high strength, usually between

Winter Red Rhino

With December setting in, we’re officially gearing up for all things winter and warming. On that note, did you know there’s actually a category

Great State Bombay Duck Toit

To support and grow our brewing industry we need a swarm of new ideas, innovations & techniques, and collaborating brings that. Collaboration gives people


In the not-so-distant past, within the industry, rice as a grain has long had a reputation as a cheap filler that large commercial brands

Shakesbierre Bangalore

In a year like no other, Shakesbierre Brewpub & Kitchen in Bangalore, has managed to stay on the course and churn out impressive hand-crafted

Barth Haas

Hops are the soul of a beer. Sensory tasting is becoming increasingly essential in the modern world of brewing science. Be it a brewery,


Budweiser’s first-ever NFT collection sells out within an hour. The King of Beers, have dropped their first-ever NFT line on Monday, as Anheuser-Busch InBev

Beer lingo

Beer lingos are thrown around everywhere. Be it social media or a casual conversation with beer geeks and passionate craft-beer enthusiasts. With a surge


Over the past three years of their existence, ShakesBierre Brewpub & Kitchen in Bangalore, has carved out a niche for itself when it comes

Gateway Brewing Company

To deal with this changing climate, Gateway Brewing Company has brewed something that favours both our summers, and the current cool weather. Meet Hoppy