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The role of yeast in brewing, a glance at history: No


Kartikeya Sharma Marketing Director, AB InBev India With the launch of Beck’s


Rahul Singh President, NRAI (National Restaurant Association of India) Headquartered in Delhi, NRAI represents Independent & Chain Restaurants /Bars/Café owners & operation. The India restaurant Industry

Dr Nirupa Bareja PhD Biological Science, Chief Adviser at the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation, She’s also on the scientific & technical advisory board of three

There are mixed opinions as regards consumption of any kind of alcohol.  However modern trends apart from accepting alcohol consumption as a social & cultural

Shantanu & Lata Upadhyay, Owners, Kati Patang Launched in October 2018, KATI PATANG’s Zesty Amber ale, is the latest addition to India’s booming craft beer

Recreating the same batch of beer may not be a piece of cake but is certainly not impossible to achieve too. We as brewers

Julie Baggett Master Brewers Certification (Uc Davis Class Of 1996), Bs Biology Minor Chemistry (Uwg 1993) Julie Baggett is an experienced brew consultant with a demonstrated

Amar Srivastava Brewmaster When you hear “Sour” the things that pop up in the mind are lemon or sour cream or fermented products like vinegar etc.

Dr. Nirupa Bareja A PhD in Biological science she is Director, India operations of VICUS Therapeutics, USA. She is chief advisor of Mazumdar Shaw Medical

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