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Beer is believed to be the original social network – bringing people together for generations as we raise a toast to life, friends and

To many people, today is just another day. But to beer lovers, it’s almost a day of worship. It’s the first Friday of the month

Lion King fans will recall Mufasa saying in that wise, baritone voice: “Time rises and falls like the Sun”. Indeed, the Sun rose with Simba

The time has never been more perfect to raise a toast to those dedicated to the cause of brewing and serving beer - and

You’ve seen bartenders drop olives into martinis before. But how about adding a pickle to your glass of beer? The Internet’s favourite beer hack claims

In the course of recent years, brewers have been thinking of stranger things to put in their beers. You’ve probably already heard of glitter

Travelling through Europe is always fun and if you are a beer lover then it's like a kid in a candy store. This was

Love hoppy IPAs and juicy pale ales? You may have quite an edge to your personality! Most traditional studies declare links between a fondness for

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