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To support and grow our brewing industry we need a swarm of new ideas, innovations & techniques, and collaborating brings that. Collaboration gives people

In the not-so-distant past, within the industry, rice as a grain has long had a reputation as a cheap filler that large commercial brands

In a year like no other, Shakesbierre Brewpub & Kitchen in Bangalore, has managed to stay on the course and churn out impressive hand-crafted

Beer lingos are thrown around everywhere. Be it social media or a casual conversation with beer geeks and passionate craft-beer enthusiasts. With a surge

Whitefield is an island where there’s a good balance of business travellers, expats and tech professionals who are constantly on the lookout for a

Aurum Brew Works collaborates with Godless band to launch Netherworld, a Trappist inspired beer in Bangalore. Aurum constantly aims to curate artisanal craft beers

Collaboration brews or “collabs” have come a long way among Indian microbreweries.  They are an ode to the craft beer industry’s unique spirit, which

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest folk festival, celebrated in the city of Munich. It is also the biggest construction site in Munich, Bavaria recurring

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