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The story of BeeYoung is the story of youth. It started with an idea to create a brew that could deliver a crisp and clean yet punchy sip, every time, no matter the social setting. The idea was to find the choicest of ingredients and


Before there was civilization, there was beer.  The oldest recorded recipe in the world is that of beer and also happens to be a song of praise to Goddess Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer and fertility. It was written in 1800 B.C. And the Pyramids


[caption id="attachment_16013" align="alignleft" width="543"] Mr. Abhinav JindalCEO and Founder of Kimaya Himalayan Beverages LLP[/caption] Worldwide, beer is hailed as one of the most socially acceptable and culturally cherished alcoholic beverages. Made from a mix of all-natural ingredients like malt, hops and yeast, beer is about 90-95 percent


While Hoegaarden, Budweiser, and Corona are some of the most sought-after international brands, home-grown brands are gradually proving their mettle in the Indian beer market. One of them is Kimaya Himalayan Beverages LLP which has launched two beer brands - Bee Young and Yavira. The company


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