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UP: Sale of beer cans drops drastically in Prayagraj PRAYAGRAJ: The sale of beer cans in May this year has considerably declined as compared to last year because many consumers do not find chilled beer suitable for consumption due to the spread of coronavirus. District excise officer


June begins on a happy note for many beer lovers in Karnataka as the state authorities finally allow local microbreweries to resume craft beer production. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Craft Brewers Association of India and the Karnataka Excise, microbreweries all over Karnataka will


Soon after the permission to open liquor shops, followed by the state government's permission to restaurants, clubs and bars to sell liquor at retail prices, comes good tidings for breweries. On Wednesday, the Excise Department allowed microbreweries to sell their stocked-up craft beers as takeaway


In an apparent bid to shore up revenues, the West Bengal government has decided to impose 30 per cent sales tax on wine and beer, sources in the finance department said on Monday. In an apparent bid to shore up revenues, the West Bengal government has


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