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Science of Pairing Beer & Food Chef Sebastian Simon a Melbourne based culinary consultant is also a Masterchef and chief instructor at the prestigious Le Cordon Blue, Melbourne, Australia The human eye plays an important role in creating a positive perception of colour, aroma and this influences


Jordan Schwartz & Dan Kurzrock Co-Founders of Regrained With the great power to brew, comes a greater responsibility that of creating a sustainable brewery! There is no doubt that the process of brewing beer, results in brewery waste such as spent grain, turb, spent yeast and diatomaceous


Nicolas Thollot-Arsac & Alexandre Caillarec Artists & Owners, NAART NAART is a duo of artists and scenographers who excel in the art of handling beer. Nicolas Thollot-Arsac and Alexandre Caillarec are the geniuses behind the concept. Since the invention of painting with a beer bottle, they have


John Eapen Founder & Blogger, Tales of Froth India’s tryst with Beer began centuries ago, as far back as 1500 BC. The composition was fermented barley and rice based beverages flavored with local fruits and spices. These beverages exist till today in select regions of the country.


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