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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The pandemic may have made Maharashtra the worst-hit state when it comes to COVID-19 cases, but it has strangely, also made the same state a trend-setter when it comes to the craft beer industry in India! Maharashtra is now officially the first state in India


Chugging beer from cans and bottles is universal. But nothing quite beats the thirst-quenching joy of craft beer, freshly poured at your local microbrewery. Is it possible to get this freshness in taste, flavours and aroma to-go? Yes, it is. But only with the help of


With March being designated as India’s official Sour Beer Month, desi beer lovers can’t get enough of all the mouth-puckering flavours that brewers have been coming up with. From mangoes to melons, pineapples to plums - these beers have been freshly brewed with distinctly-flavoured ingredients


In the West, the mere mention of Indian cuisine conjures up a vivid imagery of spices - like turmeric, cloves, fennel, cumin and mustard. Indian foodies, however, know well enough that when it comes to beating the sweltering summer heat, nothing does the job better

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Historically speaking, India’s alcohol roots are firmly planted in a glass of whiskey. Like cricket, this smoky stuff is an aspect of our colonial inheritance which we had become madly obsessed with. And sure, while Patiala pegs may still be a preferred choice for many


As a brand that’s steadfastly proud of our rich Indian heritage and culture, craft beer company Goa Brewing Co. is synonymous with words like “non-conformist”, “homegrown” and “authentic” – just like their beers. Whether it’s the Eight Finger Eddie or the Pineapple Saison, Goa Brewing


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