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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has clearly stated his vision about Indian brands taking to the global stage. But do liquor brands have it in them to rise up to the challenge? India's liquor brands have the potential of being a hit globally.  Names such as Bira,


The decision to allow off-premise sales may help in mitigating losses, but breweries in Bengaluru are unsure of what the future holds if authorities only allow sale of existing stock. The euphoria about resumption of alcohol sales has ebbed in the city's many microbreweries, much like


The Indian craft beer industry is going through an existential crisis right now. There’s ale going stale in brewery tanks, production lines and supply chains that have been totally disrupted, hundreds of staff that could lose jobs and lakhs of rupees that are lying frozen


A little over a month ago, the city of Bangalore joined Bira 91 in its 5th-anniversary celebrations by celebrating the launch of its first-ever Limited Release Taproom in Koramangala. The news spread like wildfire, attracting several beer lovers and Bira 91 fans to the 3,500


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