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The story of BeeYoung is the story of youth. It started with an idea to create a brew that could deliver a crisp and clean yet punchy sip, every time, no matter the social setting. The idea was to find the choicest of ingredients and


Chatty Girija Beer Versatilist In a country that largely sweats it out almost 365 days of the year, especially in beer drinking and permitted to drink states, is strong beer after all a pleasurable choice? The answer is YES. India is a country of diverse contradictions with choices


PRADEEP GIDWANI The evolutionary map of beer marketing in India has a very interesting story, with some clear milestones. Traditionally the marketing of beer brands in India has been very simplistic. Till about 25 years ago, there was Kingfisher, Royal Challenge, Sandpiper, Golden Eagle which were mild


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